Jessica Butcher as Lucy

Jessica Butcher as Lucy

A brand new original voice. Funny and sad and everything theatre is meant to be in startling proportions
— Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders, Locke, Dirty Pretty Things)

Where Do Little Birds Go? has had over 25 four and five star reviews. Here is just some of the praise for Where Do Little Birds Go?:

"A writer of huge promise...a low-key triumph" - The Times ★★★★ 

"Heartbreaking" - The Daily Mail ★★★★

"Warm, evocative and intelligent" - The Stage ★★★★


"The quality of Whitehill's writing is mirrored in Butcher's performance, both of which play out well against Justin Nardella's simple yet effective set of pub tables. Though brutal, and at times difficult to watch, this engaging work of theatre is not one you're likely to forget in a hurry." - The List ★★★★

"It’s a smart, quietly brutal piece of writing by Whitehill, with an impressive command of its shades of darkness and viciousness, with the Krays the blackest of all: sleek, suited and implacably evil...a near-perfect production thick with dread and menace" - Fest ★★★★

"I left still holding my breath" - Three Weeks ★★★★ 

"Whitehill has created a well-paced theatrical drive to the events that’s human and harrowing, but also tender and charismatic...a gripping and haunting triumph that elates and distresses in equal measure." - Grumpy Gay Critic ★★★★★

"Whitehill has expertly crafted an authentic, intense, unravelling piece of theatre that is thoroughly involving. Where Do Little Birds Go? tackles dark subject matter but emerges as beautiful as it is heart-breaking... a flyaway success." - Scene Online ★★★★★

"Whitehill’s aim in writing this play was to give a voice to the woman in this story and does so with respect and care. There is a brilliance to be found in the authenticity of this play that never tries to over explain anything or to inject modern narratives or understandings of the period...there is heart, passion, fear and humour." - The New Current ★★★★★

"Camilla Whitehill’s tightly written script takes a narrative originally told from an unsympathetic male perspective, and gives it warmth, depth and a real heart, maintaining the chillingly sinister undercurrents throughout." - The Public Reviews ★★★★1/2

"Whitehill’s script is very well written. She never overplays her hand when dealing with this inherently dark and dramatic subject matter....Where Do Little Birds Go? is a hauntingly entertaining piece of theatre that uplifts and distresses in equal measure." - Northern Soul ★★★★

"Camilla Whitehill's Where Do Little Birds Go? deals with some seriously dark subject matter, but manages to be uplifting and utterly beautiful...Giving us Lucy’s story pre-ordeal, rather than just focusing on the horror of the flat in which she was held captive, is a mature decision by Whitehill which reaps its reward in the audience’s complete engagement with and affection for Lucy." - Broadway Baby ★★★★

"Where Do Little Birds Go? is a great hour in the theatre. It’s funny and poignant in equal measure." - BritishTheatre.Com ★★★★  

"The pace rarely falters...Not only is this play an interesting and important story to tell, it’s also incredibly relevant to many stories you hear in the news today." - LondonTheatre1  ★★★★

Praise for Mr. Incredible:

"An absolute triumph of new writing" - ed fringe review ★★★★★

"Multi-faceted" - the edinburgh reporter ★★★★★

"deeply unsettling...astute and insidious" - british theatre guide ★★★★

"Whitehill's script builds like a wave...a subtle and carefully crafted piece of writing" - Auditorium Magazine ★★★★1/2